About Servisor


Objective of Servisor

The objective of Servisor is to improve the service quality of a company and to provide a platform for consumers to express their concerns.

How Servisor achieves its objective

As a customer you may receive bad service from a company and often your voice goes unheard. Servisor assists by providing you a platform to make your story known to the world.

When you report your complaint to Servisor, you will be able to provide the email address of the customer service department of the company in question. Servisor will then use this email address to notify the company that you have lodged a complaint against them. We facilitate your communication with the company in a transparent fashion allowing the public to view and also comment on your complaint as they may have had similar experiences.

When the company receives the email notification, they have the right to reply and try to resolve your complaint with them using the transparent platform.

You as the customer are in control

One Important thing to note is that your case will remain open until it has been satisfactorily dealt with. Once you are happy with the response you have received from the company, you alone have the right to close the conversation. Thus, if a company does not respond adequately, you are able to reject the response and the case will remain open until you are satisfied. This action will result in a drop in the rating of the company.

How much does it cost?

Servisor is free for customers and companies. There is no charge to receive notifications or to use our service. In order to use the service you need to register. Registration is free and only  takes a minute or two to complete.


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